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The Enchanted Garden YEG

A specialty shop offering unique handmade wood and resin jewelry.

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welcome to the enchanted garden yeg

Through a child’s eyes, everything is enveloped in a sense of awe and enchantment; from a flower blooming to dandelion seeds dancing through the air. The simple act of reconnecting with nature is calming and in itself, magical. I try to capture that sense of enchantment and tranquility of nature within my pieces in hopes of bringing its beauty and essences to those who wear them.

May these pieces bring you the same joy I feel when I make each one of them.

                                                - Sarah

Step 1: Casting of the resin

After deciding on the type of exotic wood I will be using, I create a custom mold to cast the resin in. I use a plant based resin which is eco-friendly and contains zero toxins. The resin is initially clear so I mix multiple colours and effects to create the appearance of a microcosm within the piece.

Step 2: Shaping of the piece

Once the piece is released from the mold, I determine what shape the piece will take. Using a scroll saw and belt sander, I carefully achieve the rough shape that I am looking for.

Step 3: Sanding and polishing of the piece

After the rough shaping of the piece, I hand sand the piece to the exact shape I am looking for. In order to create more finesse and clarity within the piece, I polish each piece using various grits of sandpaper. After polishing with the sandpaper, I use a variety of agents to buff out any scratches that I may have missed.

Step 4: Conditioning the wood

After polishing the resin, I condition the wood to accentuate the wood’s natural tones and grain. I then use a wax polish to protect the wood from wear.

A deeper dive into my process...the time and love that goes into making these pieces brings joy to my heart. May they bring the same joy to you.

Starting Block (pun intended!)

After the resin has cured, this is my starting block


Cutting down the starting block results in these blanks. The details and interest of the woodgrain speak to me and tell me what shapes they were meant to be. I never know what shapes they will take on until this point.

Diamonds in the Rough

I pencil in the shape that these pieces will take

Rough Cut

Pieces that have been cut on scroll saw

Sanding to final form

Extensive belt and hand sanding to achieve their final forms

Final Pieces

After extensive polishing, conditioning and applying a protective layer these pieces are ready to be mounted on a silver chain.


This piece [Ocean Collection - The Sea Bed] is beautiful and was exactly what I expected. Sarah was very communicative and got the piece to me quickly and with no issues. I would definitely purchase from this shop again 🙂


The necklace [Lake Collection - The Coast] is very pretty and reminds me of mountains by the ocean! I really like the fusion of wood and the sea coloured resin. Sarah was very helpful and pleasant to deal with answering my questions for this purchase. The order arrived promptly and very nicely wrapped. Will keep an eye on her creations for future gifts