Come see us at the Edmonton Make It Fair at the Incubator section (Nov.22-24)!

The Enchanted Garden YEG

A specialty shop offering unique handmade jewelry.

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We're going to be at The Make It Fair! November 22-24 @ Northlands Expo Centre. Come see us at the new Incubator section!

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welcome to the enchanted garden yeg

Through a child’s eyes, everything is enveloped by a sense of awe and enchantment; from a flower blooming to dandelion seeds dancing through the air. The simple act of reconnecting with nature is calming and in itself, magical. I try to capture that sense of enchantment and tranquility of nature within my pieces in hopes of bringing its beauty and essences to those who wear them.

May these pieces bring you the same joy I feel when I make each one of them.

                                                - Sarah

Step 1: Casting of the resin

After deciding on the type of exotic wood I will be using, I create a custom mold to cast the resin in. I use a plant based resin which is eco-friendly and contains zero toxins. The resin is initially clear so I mix multiple colours and effects to create the appearance of a microcosm within the piece. To do this I use a combination of pearl and powder pigments, alcohol inks and acrylic paints.

Step 2: Shaping of the piece

Once the piece is released from the mold, I determine what shape the piece will take. Using a scroll saw and belt sander, I carefully achieve the rough shape that I am looking for.

Step 3: Sanding and polishing of the piece

In order to create more finesse and clarity within the piece, I polish each piece using 6 different grits of sandpaper ranging from 300 - 2000. After polishing with the sandpaper, I use a plastic polisher to buff out any scratches that I may have missed.

Step 4: Conditioning the wood

After polishing the resin, I condition the wood with mineral oils to accentuate the exotic wood’s natural tones and wood grain. I then use a micro-crystalline wax polish to protect the wood from wear.