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A specialty shop offering unique handcrafted jewelry, resin art panels and polymer clay creations

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June 13: St Alberts Farmers Market (5 St Anne St, St. Albert, AB 10 am-3 pm)

July 25: St Alberts Farmers Market (5 St Anne St, St. Albert, AB 10 am-3 pm)

Aug 22: St Alberts Farmers Market (5 St Anne St, St. Albert, AB 10 am-3 pm)

Sept 19: Curated Market (Prince of Wales Armoury 10 am-4 pm)

welcome to the enchanted garden yeg

Through a child’s eyes, everything is enveloped in a sense of awe and enchantment; from a flower blooming to dandelion seeds dancing through the air. The simple act of reconnecting with nature is calming and in itself, magical. I try to capture that sense of enchantment and tranquility of nature within my pieces in hopes of bringing its beauty and essences to those who wear them.

May these pieces bring you the same joy I feel when I make each one of them.

                                                - Sarah


This piece [Ocean Collection - The Sea Bed] is beautiful and was exactly what I expected. Sarah was very communicative and got the piece to me quickly and with no issues. I would definitely purchase from this shop again 🙂


The necklace [Lake Collection - The Coast] is very pretty and reminds me of mountains by the ocean! I really like the fusion of wood and the sea coloured resin. Sarah was very helpful and pleasant to deal with answering my questions for this purchase. The order arrived promptly and very nicely wrapped. Will keep an eye on her creations for future gifts